Frequently Asked Questions

“Press Quality” PDF files are preferred. Please supply all Word/Excel/Powerpoint and Publisher documents as PDFs to avoid font issues. Please refer to our Artwork Guidelines in the Downloads tab or click here for more information.

You can Email your printing requirements to – Links to larger files may be sent via the free versions of applications such as “WeTransfer”. ACS Swan Express Print have certain artwork requirements to be followed. Please refer to our Artwork Guidelines in the Downloads tab.

Yes, we can print on synthetic materials such as vinyl or polypropylene adhesive which are waterproof. We can also supply labels on a paper freezer grade adhesive which is suitable for the fridge or freezer.

Yes, we can arrange delivery across Australia and will aim to find the best possible courier rate/cost option to assist our clients.

If you lose your files please send us an email. If you are an existing client of ours, we may have a product catalogue showing previously printed items that can be emailed to you upon request. We keep all our client’s files on our system indefinitely unless we have been asked to delete the files.

When payment is required we will create an invoice and email it to you. The invoice will have our payment details for direct deposit. We can also accept payment by credit card via phone or in person. We are unable to accept payments by American Express.

We don’t do Graphic work from scratch but we can assist with setting up your photos, text, logo etc that you supply into the size or format you require.

We require quantities, sizes, type of stock, colours, an example of your artwork is always helpful too.

We have many sizes on which we would base your quote/order unless you require a specific size, we can then advise the related cost.

It depends on the job but we have different machinery to suit small or large orders. Get in touch with our team at or 08 9248 3477 and we can assist you with your request.

No, we do not. Each customer’s requirements can be very different so we don’t keep standardised templates.

A spot varnish is a glossy or dull varnish coating that is applied to a selected portion of a printed page. This finishing technique is used to highlight or emphasise a particular design element such as text or an image, rather than the entire sheet. When applied, the contrast between the spot varnish and the surrounding matte surface creates a striking visual and textural effect.

Perfect binding is a bookbinding technique where the three open sides of a printed publication are trimmed after assembly to reveal sharp, clean edges. Examples of this widely-used method include softcover or paperback books and higher page count magazines as well as business reports, manuals, catalogues, directories, coffee table books and marketing materials. There are many benefits to perfect binding such as strength and durability, relatively low cost, professional appearance, ease of stacking and the ability to be printed in short runs.

When using perfect binding to finish a project, the thickness of the spine must be at least 2mm, or thick enough to glue into a square spine. This usually equates to around 25 sheets of paper, or 50 pages, although this can be worked around by using a thicker paper stock.

Foiling, also known as foil blocking or foil stamping, is a finishing technique where pigment or metallic foil is applied to another material using heat and pressure to create lustrous printed designs. Most commonly used on business cards, gift cards, stationery and brochure covers, foiling can also be used to make the antennas in RFID tags. RFID stickers or labels can cleverly track the whereabouts of packaged goods in the supply chain through radio-frequency identification.

Embossed printing is a finishing method used to raise an image, logo or text to create a three-dimensional design. It is achieved by pushing a metal stamp into paper or cardstock from underneath so that the design is higher than the surrounding paper. Ink or foil can then be applied for added impact and is a popular choice for stylish business cards as well as high-end labels, marketing materials and office stationery. In addition to paper and card, surfaces such as metal, leather and textiles can also be embossed.

Bleed is an extra amount of artwork on each edge of the page that allows us to trim the edges down neatly. All artwork is printed on an oversized sheet of paper that is cut down to the finished size. We require a minimum 3mm bleed for general work, 5mm for books and presentation folders or 10mm for large signage.

We prefer a high resolution PDF (300dpi). The artwork must have minimum 3mm bleed on each edge and use only CMYK. It’s also required that all fonts are outlined/converted to curves. For full guide click here.

The colour spectrum used for computers is based on RGB (Red Blue Green) and the colour spectrum used for printing is based on CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow Black). The reason the printed artwork looks different is because they are two completely different colour spectrums.

Most products we offer take about 3-5 workings days to print from the day the artwork has been approved. This can be impacted by workload at the time of ordering. Additional finishing or other printing services will add additional days to the turn around time.

No specialty equipment & material is required for regular photos. We can print photos/pictures on various materials but they won’t look like a regular photo.


We have a wide range of machines that do various maximum sizes. Give us a call and we’ll consider your request.

Absolutely. Before we proceed to the production phase you will receive a digital proof for sign off.

A quote can vary depending on the complexity of the job. Most Quotes can be completed same day.

Once you have accepted the quote, your job has progressed & we have incurred costs. If you cancel the job after sign off we will bill you for the time and materials spent up until that time.

We offer both services.

Generally we require payment at the time of printing, if you are a regular customer we can set you up with a business account so that you have the option of paying within standard payment terms.

Economies of scale is a big factor in most printing. Generally if you get a quote on 2 different quantities the unit price will be lower on the larger quantities.

A3 – 297mm x 420mm / A4 – 210mm x 297mm / A5 – 148mm x 210mm / A6- 105mm x 148mm


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